We turn everyday heroes into climate heroes.

We started with a simple question:

How can everyday people and businesses make a global impact on climate change, rapidly?

One that is simple and doesn’t leave consumers out of pocket and delivers business value.

We’ve found a way.

By design a smarter climate choice for businesses and individuals.

What can we do?


Carbon Offsetting for Businesses

Paying.Green® helps your organisation deploy a world class climate response which earns community and customer recognition. The way it should be. Learn how below.

Be a Climate Champion and responsibly decarbonise.

Be the story. Meet and exceed community and regulatory expectations.

Be proactive, credible and respected.

Become a valued member of our Net Zero community which is inclusive and empowering.

Your clients are waiting. 90% of customers are deeply concerned about climate change and 87% support businesses that recognise their values.

Engage your customers in your climate response on a cost neutral basis.

A cost neutral customer engagement elevates brand relevance and CLV.

Support the long term sustainable objective of carbon neutral industries.

Achieve your Net Zero objectives much faster through a more cost efficient carbon offsetting.

By supporting our Climate Partner Commitment, you will gain social license, access to our global community and access to our globally unique carbon offsetting infrastructure.

Significantly more cost-effective carbon offsetting as compared to conventional market models.

By design. We do not engage in speculative trading or include any mark ups, ever!

There are no intermediaries or over the counter brokers involved which significantly reduces costs by eliminating trading margins.

We acquire and retire Carbon Credits simultaneously which means the Carbon Credits can never be traded again and are converted into Carbon Offsets.

Your organisation will enter into a carbon sponsorship with Paying.Green® which is a deductible expenses for your organisation and is tax exempt for our associated Environmental Charity. In combination this offers a globally unique carbon offsetting model which was built from the ground up to benefit the environment and to lower the barriers to committing to Net Zero.

A trusted tax-exempt environmental charity ensures highest level of governance and that maximum environmental benefit is achieved.

We have direct access to thousands of carbon offset project developers which are compliant with the UNFCCC framework and through volume acquisition can access Carbon Credits before they are made available to the commercially driven market.


Understand your impact. Reduce what you can. Offset what you can’t.

Climate Smart Payments

Support our brand partners and offset your carbon footprint at no extra cost to you.


Earn community recognition

All of our carbon offsetting projects benefit surrounding communities.

Together we help meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in developing nations.

Benefitting local communities

Watch how offsetting works

Compliant with the United Nations Convention on Climate Change

Climate change is the defining issue of our time.
Be part of the solution

Latest climate news & stories

Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 9.30.33 am
Australia Ranks Dead Last in World For Climate Action, According to Recent UN Report

Australia has come in last place for climate action according to the United Nations latest Sustainable Development Report. The report aims to assess the progress of nations towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The latest edition of the report, which is produced by the UN-supported Sustainable Development Solutions Network, saw …

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Corporate Accountability for Climate Impact: New Legal Norm

Experts state that scientific advances are bound to make it easier to attribute climate breakdown associated damages to the activities of companies. Companies could soon be facing a renewed movement of legal action seeking to hold them accountable for their greenhouse gas emissions, as a result of advances in climate …

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NATO Turns To Face Climate Threat

Leaders of the Western military alliance have agreed to a climate action plan that makes their armed forces carbon-neutral by 2050

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The most important scientific discovery of our time: NetFlix

Netflix states that the film, just released, centres around David Attenborough and Swedish Professor Johan Rockström’s research and records “the most important scientific discovery of our time.

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New IEA report gives meaning to Net Zero – five key insights

The IEA has released its long-awaited roadmap highlighting how the globe’s energy sector could slash its planet-heating emissions to net zero in 30 years

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Methane emissions
Lowering Methane Emissions Is The Fastest Way To Slow Global Heating- UN Report

The new UN report discovered that methane emissions can be halved by 2030 with existing technology and at a reasonable cost. A large proportion of the actions involved will actually make money

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Increasing Climate Change Promises are Moving the Needle

Recent and increasing promises concerning climate change made by major countries could bring the earth a fraction closer to the possibility of a more stable climate.

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Shocking results for nature’s climate change resilience – Retracing a century old wild life survey

When Berkely researchers following in the steps of Joseph Grinnell, a biologist who over a century ago developed a pioneering survey of California’s wildlife, began sampling birds and small mammals in the Mojave Desert, they expected the harsh conditions would magnify population changes driven by the climate crisis. “We knew …

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Tech billionaires’ Ironman approach to climate change vs. planting trees

3 of the 5 richest individuals in the world, are all aiming to create new technologies which can lower the world’s carbon emissions and fight climate change. What are the options?

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Sustainability & Education

sports for climate action

United Nations Sports for Climate Action

Uniting behind a set of principles, sports organisations and their communities have created an initiative by collaborating in order to position their sector on the path of the low carbon economy that global leaders agreed on in Paris 2015: Sports...

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Climate Finance Explained

If you look up the definition of Climate Finance it says that it is a finance channel by which developed economies partially fund or invest in sustainable development projects in emerging economies to encourage carbon neutrality. I reality it is...

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