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We turn everyday heroes into climate heroes.

Business and consumer power are formidable forces.

Paying.Green® exists to empower businesses and give customers a climate smart choice.

Our unique Smarter Net Zero® solutions generates meaningful climate action by unifying businesses with their customers to deliver a sustainable low carbon world. 

By design a smarter climate choice for businesses and their customers.

Our Business Solutions

We provide businesses with two Smarter Net Zero™ solutions:

Carbon 360™

For businesses that want a credible decarbonisation solution based on the GHG Protocol. Carbon 360 simplifies, empowers and recognises your decarbonisation journey.

Climate Smart Payments

Do you want to achieve a carbon positive outcome and at the same time elevate your brand relevance and customer lifetime value? A brand partnership with Paying.Green® will allow you to engage your customers in your climate response through the Act of Paying.Green™, leveraging consumer influence to increase your social license.

Grow your business and be on the right side of history.

Benefitting local communities

All of our carbon offsetting projects benefit surrounding communities. Together we help meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in developing nations.

We support

Climate change is the defining issue of our time.
Be part of the solution.

Latest climate news & stories

5 key takeouts from the new IPCC Climate Report

The most recent 3.675 pages IPCC report has been hailed as the most searing indictment of the planet’s climate predicament. Here are 5 key takeouts.

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climate brands
Overwhelming majority of Australians look to Brands to make a climate difference

The research, released today at Nine’s State of the Nation Sustainability virtual event, showed that despite everyday Australians making changes to live more sustainably, the majority feel that as a country, we are not doing enough, and brands need to lead the way.

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67% of retail investors now prefer ESG investments

According to new research from behavioural finance experts, Oxford Risk, two out of three retail investors are considering transferring their investments into ESG propositions.

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Massive and rapid swing. 75% of Australian businesses leaders believe world is at climate change tipping point: Deloitte Report

Australian business leaders are becoming a lot more concerned about climate change. This shift is according to a new report and it shows a significant shift in opinion in just 8 months.

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tape measure impact
Climate Impact Measurement and Disclosure Growing Quickly Among Businesses

Many of the world’s biggest organisations have begun to share information concerning their carbon footprint in a new move that embraces transparency as organisations are increasingly seeing value in measuring their impact.

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attracting talent
Explosive research for Australian businesses: people are turning down high paying jobs for 1 surprising reason

employed by a company that did not do its part to address climate change.

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Australia Ranks Last Out Of 60 Nations For Climate Crisis Response Policy