Business and consumer power are formidable forces.

Paying.Green® exists to empower businesses and give customers a climate smart choice.

Our unique Smarter Net Zero® solutions generates meaningful climate action by unifying businesses with their customers to deliver a sustainable low carbon world. 

By design a smarter climate choice for businesses and their customers.

Our Business Solutions

We provide businesses with three Smarter Net Zero™ solutions:

Carbon Easy™

For small and medium size businesses that want a smart and convenient carbon offsetting subscription without the technical details. Designed to maximise carbon offsetting and recognise businesses for doing the right thing. Reduce the emissions you can and offset the rest with Carbon Easy™.

Carbon Neutrality Partnerships

For businesses that want a solution that will provide credibility to their Carbon Neutrality commitments. Our valued Carbon Neutrality Members benefit from our associated not-for-profit carbon offsetting infrastructure and unique processes to recognise their Climate Commitments.

Climate Smart Payments

Do you want to achieve a carbon positive outcome and at the same time elevate your brand relevance and customer lifetime value? A brand partnership with Paying.Green® will allow you to engage your customers in your climate response through the Act of Paying.Green™, leveraging consumer influence to increase your social license.

Carbon Offsetting Subscription
The Act of Paying.Green

Grow your business and be on the right side of history.

Paying.Green® for your Customers

Your customers become valued participants in a caring global community by supporting your business and through the act of Paying.Green®

For Individuals

Earn community recognition

Benefitting local communities

All of our carbon offsetting projects benefit surrounding communities. Together we help meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in developing nations.

We support

Compliant with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Climate change is the defining issue of our time.
Be part of the solution.

Latest climate news & stories

Carbon Emissions From G20 Countries Increased Sharply In 2021

The new Climate Transparency Report shows that carbon emissions across the world are rebounding strongly with the world’s 20 richest nations responsible for the rise.

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ecb (1)
Creating A Low Carbon Economy Is Cheaper Than Climate Change Costs

The European Central Bank released a new report which reaffirms the stark consequences of inaction or delays on climate change.

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facebook climate
Facebook Offers Cash For Help On Climate Misinformation

Facebook has decided to put money down on the misinformation front, virtually outsourcing the fix for climate misinformation on its apps.

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bullseye (1)
Massive swing in media reporting of climate science: New study

A new study of thousands of articles just discovered that 90% of media coverage represented the scientific consensus stating that human activity is responsible for global warming. This represents an increase from 50% 16 years ago.

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United Nations Welcomes Paying.Green® as Participant Member in UN Global Compact

The United Nations Global Compact, New York, has announced today that Paying.Green® has joined as a Participant.

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Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 9.30.33 am
Australia Ranks Dead Last in World For Climate Action, According to Recent UN Report

Australia has come in last place for climate action according to the United Nations latest Sustainable Development Report. The report …

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Corporate Accountability for Climate Impact: New Legal Norm

Experts state that scientific advances are bound to make it easier to attribute climate breakdown associated damages to the activities …

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NATO Turns To Face Climate Threat

Leaders of the Western military alliance have agreed to a climate action plan that makes their armed forces carbon-neutral by 2050

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The most important scientific discovery of our time: NetFlix

Netflix states that the film, just released, centres around David Attenborough and Swedish Professor Johan Rockström’s research and records “the most important scientific discovery of our time.

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Sustainability & Education

sports for climate action

United Nations Sports for Climate Action

Uniting behind a set of principles, sports organisations and their communities have created an initiative by collaborating in order to position their sector on the path of the low carbon economy that global leaders agreed on in Paris 2015: Sports...

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