November 2020

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Green Recovery Priority in New EU Mammoth Budget Dubbed NextGenerationEU

The European Commission, the European Parliament and EU leaders have agreed on a coronavirus recovery plan which includes an increase of the climate action spending target to 30%. That is 30% of a mam…

Green investing gain strong support and momentum in Australia

Investment strategies that take climate change into account as a financial threat are becoming common practice for pension funds. According to the former head of Australian Cbus, David Atkin, the prac…

CEOs from Australia’s 22 Largest Companies Create An Exclusive Climate Change Initiative

CEOs from 22 of Australia’s largest companies including Commonwealth Bank of Australia, BHP, Rio Tinto, Wesfarmers and AGL, have combined forces to cooperate on numerous ways to lower emissions accord…

Oceanbird from Sweden, the world’s largest wind-powered vessel, reduces 90% of CO2 emissions

With a 90% reduction of CO2 emissions the world's largest wind powered vessel brings a paradigm shift in sustainable shipping. To some, Oceanbird appears as a ship from the future, however, it is r…

Europe’s Largest Flying Lab gets to tackle climate change from the skies

The investment is meant to support research into a few of the globe’s most important environmental challenges like severe weather events and climate change. Leading scientists from the UK will take…

UK 10 Point Plan for Green Industrial Revolution

The British Prime Minister has set out his ambitious 10 point plan for a green industrial revolution which could not only create but support about 250,000 British jobs. Conservative politics is seeing…

Remarkable Climate Change Cooperation by US Farm and Environmental Groups in New Alliance

The American Farm Bureau Federation, the US biggest and most powerful farming lobbying group has for a very long time pushed against any legislation on climate, having cooperated with the fossil fuel …

These countries are leading the charge towards a carbon-neutral world

If you are wondering if the world is making any progress in becoming carbon neutral, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the progress being made on four continents. The countries leading the charge are …

Featured Climate News & Stories

Carbon Emissions From G20 Countries Increased Sharply In 2021

The new Climate Transparency Report shows that carbon emissions across the world are rebounding strongly with the world’s 20 richest nations responsible for the rise.

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Creating A Low Carbon Economy Is Cheaper Than Climate Change Costs

The European Central Bank released a new report which reaffirms the stark consequences of inaction or delays on climate change.

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Facebook Offers Cash For Help On Climate Misinformation

Facebook has decided to put money down on the misinformation front, virtually outsourcing the fix for climate misinformation on its apps.

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Massive swing in media reporting of climate science: New study

A new study of thousands of articles just discovered that 90% of media coverage represented the scientific consensus stating that human activity is responsible for global warming. This represents an increase from 50% 16 years ago.

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United Nations Welcomes Paying.Green® as Participant Member in UN Global Compact

The United Nations Global Compact, New York, has announced today that Paying.Green® has joined as a Participant.

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Australia Ranks Dead Last in World For Climate Action, According to Recent UN Report

Australia has come in last place for climate action according to the United Nations latest Sustainable Development Report. The report aims to assess the progress of nations towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The latest edition of the report, which is produced by the UN-supported Sustainable Development Solutions Network, saw …

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Corporate Accountability for Climate Impact: New Legal Norm

Experts state that scientific advances are bound to make it easier to attribute climate breakdown associated damages to the activities of companies. Companies could soon be facing a renewed movement of legal action seeking to hold them accountable for their greenhouse gas emissions, as a result of advances in climate …

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NATO Turns To Face Climate Threat

Leaders of the Western military alliance have agreed to a climate action plan that makes their armed forces carbon-neutral by 2050

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The most important scientific discovery of our time: NetFlix

Netflix states that the film, just released, centres around David Attenborough and Swedish Professor Johan Rockström’s research and records “the most important scientific discovery of our time.

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