About Us

Who is Paying.Green®?

We believe climate change is the defining issue of our time. We also believe that Business and Consumer power are among the strongest forces on earth with the power to generate significant positive climate action.

We exist to bring these forces together.

Paying.Green® is a global community that has its origins in Australia, Spain and Sweden. It operates within a highly regulated and trusted local and global structure.

It has a not-for-profit environmental charitable foundation situated in Stockholm Sweden. It is also associated with other not-for-profit foundations or environmental organisations globally.

Our vision is to become the planet’s largest people powered carbon emissions offsetting community.

Why are we doing this?

The sad truth is that all empirical and scientific evidence, education, lobbying and activism to date have not yet generated enough urgency for governments and key stakeholders to address carbon emissions in the timeframes required to preserve the planet for our next generations.

It’s time.

Human generated emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are a primary driver of climate change. To slow these down – with the eventual aim of halting – rising global temperatures, we need to stabilize concentrations of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere.

To stabilize (or even reduce) concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere, the world needs to reach net-zero emissions. This requires large and fast reductions in emissions.  At a time when global emissions need to be falling, they are in fact still rising. The world’s emissions have not yet peaked. 

Emissions in one country affect every other country on earth. Every person, household and business on the planet should be measuring their emissions footprint and reducing it where they can. Globally we should be decarbonizing our energy systems and reducing emissions from food production and agriculture. We believe this is the ultimate solution.  We also respect this will take time to do responsibly, preserving people’s livelihoods and welfare. 

Until then, carbon offsetting is available right now – projects all around the world that reduce or avoid emissions and increase carbon capture.

Our atmosphere has no borders. Neither do we.

What makes us different?

Paying.Green®’s Smarter Net Zero® climate solutions deliver business value while raising the funds needed to deliver as many carbon offsets as possible while humanity transitions to net-zero emissions. We do this in a meaningful, efficient, and smart way.

You can measure our performance by one thing:
We maximize the number of carbon offsets per dollar of funding raised. 

No smoke and mirrors.

 Our key environmental goal ratio tells us how well we have performed, and is simply:

Dollars Raised / MT CO2-e offset 2

2. Metric tons of CO2 emissions offset – achieved through buying carbon credits and immediately retiring them.

How are we smarter?

We are not climate consultants or Over The Counter brokers. We disrupt the carbon offsetting industry by removing speculation and traditional fixed-price mark-ups. Instead, our atmosphere will benefit from the wholesale pricing, tax exempt, not-for-profit and transparent governance structures we have spent almost 2 years building before we even started thinking about developing fancy websites.

Our low-cost / high efficiency platform is not the only thing that makes us smarter.  We believe that being climate smart is business smart

We founded Paying.Green® on the simple but powerful idea that the strong public sentiment on climate change can be translated into positive action for the environment through a simple consumer choice: to only deal with businesses that are Climate Champions.

Smarter Net Zero™

Our Smarter Net Zero® climate solutions are designed to help our business customers become Climate Champions, in a way that empowers businesses and stakeholders to earn recognition and grow their social license.

Carbon Easy™

An uncomplicated online subscription model for small to medium size businesses who want to contribute to our carbon offsetting community without getting into the technical details. All member’s subscription dollars are used to buy the maximum carbon offsets possible in the prevailing market conditions; we don’t use arbitrary predetermined averages. One atmosphere, one global community, test us against our KPI and see how well we are doing!

Carbon Neutrality Partnerships

Offers large and heavy emitters the chance to deliver on their net-zero commitments through tailored Smarter Net Zero® Commitment Plans and Smarter Net Zero® Transition Plans. Paying.Green® is pragmatic and believes large industrial emitters must be helped now if we are to all succeed as they will significantly contribute to our decarbonized energy future.

Climate Smart Payments

A co-branding solution that allows you to engage your customers in your climate response via the Act of Paying Green® (e.g., when they buy your products or use your payment services). This achieves a carbon positive outcome (you go beyond net-zero!) and elevates your brand relevance, earning you substantial social license and a higher Customer Lifetime Value. These outcomes are designed to be achieved on a cost neutral basis for both you and your customers.

Big problems need big solutions.

Our market is infinite.

By being empowering, trusted and inclusive our Smarter Net Zero™ solutions will both benefit and engage the business community and deliver unlimited positive climate action.

Together we hold the keys to responsibly decarbonize our way of living.

Grow your business with Paying Green® and be on the right side of history.

We aspire to be


Our trusted organisation and brand is built on a foundation of world class governance and a culture of accountability to our Mission.

Paying.Green®’s positive reputation will be earned by keeping our promises, being diligent, respectful, professional and reliable. We only rely upon scientific facts and avoid polarising debate.

Our authenticity and purpose allow us to lead, inspire, empower and deliver hope.


We believe in the value of unity and inclusion. We focus on what brings us together. In a sea of different voices, science is our universal language.

Paying.Green®’s Mission and Vision focus on the global climate challenge, which affects everyone.

Our contribution aims to achieve global impact through awareness, maximising the environmental benefit and value to the associated communities.


We exist to empower and be agents of hope.

Paying.Green® is a human brand. We care, we listen, we learn, we strive to be better, we share, we participate, we are passionate and empathetic because we are by nature positive and see value in what we do every day, and believe we can make a difference.

Learn more about us and our mission in Our Company Profile and our Brand book.