About Us

Paying.Green® is a global community that has its origins in Australia, Spain and Sweden. It operates within a highly regulated and trusted local and global structure.

It has a not-for-profit environmental charitable foundation situated in Stockholm Sweden. It is also associated with other not-for-profit foundations or environmental organisations globally.

Our vision is to become the planet’s largest people powered carbon emissions offsetting community by 2025.

What are we at Paying.Green® doing?

By far, the biggest challenge in reducing carbon emissions and ultimately achieving carbon neutrality is funding. Mobilising politically or as a community is required to achieve the outcomes we need.

We make climate smart payments possible which have the funding power to make a real global impact.

  • Paying.Green® connects businesses that are willing to make a difference, with their communities through a unifying purpose.
  • Businesses repurpose and restructure their payment transaction costs, margins, loyalty rewards calculations and other internal costs so that a small value of each payment transaction may be donated to Paying.Green® at absolutely no additional cost to the user.
  • Paying.Green® carefully selects and without speculating, retires verified carbon credits that guarantees carbon reductions. Additional social and economic co-benefits are often achieved. Independent auditors verify these transactions.

Why are we doing this?

The sad truth is that all empirical and scientific evidence, education, lobbying and activism to date have not yet generated enough urgency for governments and key stakeholders to address carbon emissions in the timeframes required to preserve the planet for our next generations.

It’s time.

The Paying.Green® climate smart payment mechanism to raise funding to reduce carbon emissions can be scaled rapidly on a global basis.

Our atmosphere benefits when you start Paying.Green.


Our trusted organisation and brand is built on a foundation of world class governance and a culture of accountability to our Mission.

Paying.Green®’s positive reputation will be earned by keeping our promises, being diligent, respectful, professional and reliable. We only rely upon scientific facts and avoid polarising debate.

Our authenticity and purpose allow us to lead, inspire, empower and deliver hope.


We believe in the value of unity and inclusion. We focus on what brings us together. In a sea of different voices, science is our universal language.

Paying.Green®’s Mission and Vision focus on the global climate challenge, which affects everyone.

Our contribution aims to achieve global impact through global awareness and cross border brand engagement, maximising carbon offsetting and the associated co-benefits to communities.


We exist to empower and be agents of hope.

Paying.Green® is a human brand. We care, we listen, we learn, we strive to be better, we share, we participate, we are passionate and empathetic because we are by nature positive and see value in what we do every day, and believe we can make a difference.