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About Us

Who is Paying.Green®?

Paying.Green®, founded in 2020, is a global ‘for-purpose’ organisation with its co-founders from Australia, Spain and Sweden converging mainly from the tech sectors.

Paying.Green® exists so that businesses can credibly meet expectations around decarbonisation and easily transition to Net Zero operations as a viable investment, cost effectively and while remaining in control over the scope and their agenda.

Our Smarter Net Zero™ solutions are built on the GHG Protocol, the world’s most widely used, scientifically based, greenhouse gas accounting standard, and are agnostic to exclusive or branded models and certifications.

With Paying.Green® your efforts will not be attached to a certificate sold to you with an expiry date but are integrated with your management practices from day one and into the future. Critically, this means the skills and experience gained remains in your organisation.

Paying.Green® is an Active Participant of the UN Global Compact in support of shared values, commitment to action and strategic vision.

Our Mission is to to empower businesses and their customers to generate positive climate action

Carbon 360™ - Net Zero Decoded

Carbon 360™ delivers a cost effective and credible alternative for businesses that see value in an open platform decarbonisation solution based on the GHG Protocol.

Carbon 360™ is an 8-step Carbon Inventory Management Program which simplifies, empowers and recognises your decarbonisation journey.

In short, we embed decarbonisation governance, provide instant offsetting measures, and practical Net Zero tools into your organisation to build your organisation’s capacity and confidence making your journey possible and seamless.

We Disrupt Carbon Offsetting - You Save

We are not climate consultants or Over The Counter brokers. We disrupt the carbon offsetting industry by removing speculation, trading and traditional fixed-price mark-ups.

Instead, our customers benefit from wholesale access, tax exempt, not-for-profit and transparent governance structures which stretches your investment much further.

Our atmosphere has no borders. Neither do we.

Climate Smart is Business Smart

Paying.Green® was founded on the simple but powerful idea that the strong public sentiment on climate change can be translated into positive action for the environment through a simple consumer choice: to only deal with businesses that are Climate Champions.

Our Smarter Net Zero® climate solutions are designed to help our business customers become Climate Champions, in a way that empowers businesses and stakeholders to earn recognition and grow their social license.

Climate Smart Payments

A co-branding solution that allows you to engage your customers in your climate response via the Act of Paying Green® when they buy your products or use your payment services.

This achieves a carbon positive outcome (you go beyond net-zero!) and elevates your brand relevance, earning you substantial social license and a higher Customer Lifetime Value. These outcomes are designed to be achieved on a cost neutral basis for both you and your customers.

Big problems need big solutions

Let us help your business be on the right side of history

We aspire to be


Our trusted organisation and brand is built on a foundation of world class governance and a culture of accountability to our Mission.

Paying.Green®’s positive reputation will be earned by keeping our promises, being diligent, respectful, professional and reliable. We only rely upon scientific facts and avoid polarising debate.

Our authenticity and purpose allow us to lead, inspire, empower and deliver hope.


We believe in the value of unity and inclusion. We focus on what brings us together. In a sea of different voices, science is our universal language.

Paying.Green®’s Mission and Vision focus on the global climate challenge, which affects everyone.

Our contribution aims to achieve global impact through awareness, maximising the environmental benefit and value to the associated communities.


We exist to empower and be agents of hope.

Paying.Green® is a human brand. We care, we listen, we learn, we strive to be better, we share, we participate, we are passionate and empathetic because we are by nature positive and see value in what we do every day, and believe we can make a difference.

Learn more about us and our mission in Our Company Profile and our Brand book.