Act of Paying.Green®

When you are Paying.Green® you are supporting one of our Climate Smart Brand Partners. That means that the Brand Partner is contributing funds, at no extra cost to you, towards the purchase of United Nations Carbon Credits to reduce carbon emissions.

This simple action of Paying.Green® supports the environment  and makes you makes you and the Brand Partners part of our caring global community.

Watch how offsetting works


This maximises the environmental outcomes and buys us time to responsibly decarbonise our economies.

You can contribute to the environment without having to make difficult financial choices

You can trust the outcomes

Your support maximises the environmental benefit

It's never been easier to be a catalyst for positive climate action

How does it work?

When you support one of our Brand Partners, you share their concerns around climate change and the environment. We help our Brand Partners to repurpose a small portion of transaction fees and other costs into supporting the environment through carbon offsetting.

We make their investments count by acquiring carbon offset through our unique, trusted and non-speculative not-for-profit carbon offsetting model, which is designed to make the process as cost effective as possible, thereby maximising the quantity of carbon offsets acquired.

How can I get involved?

We are currently busy with several exciting initiatives and projects in which you will be able to directly participate in.

In the meantime, please stay connected, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin and spread the word. 

Paying.Green® supports not-for-profit carbon emissions reduction and belongs to you.

Paying.Green® is non-activist and aims to unify.

Show the world you care by Paying.Green®

Reduce your carbon footprint by Paying.Green®

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