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There are about 400 million small and medium sized businesses in the world, including about 35 million in the US, representing 70% of all employment.

They are all under pressure to take responsible climate action and grow their businesses.

Carbon Easy™ membership provides these businesses with a best practice, affordable and convenient online carbon offsetting subscription designed from the ground to maximise the environmental benefit and community recognition.

We aim to be the World’s #1 green affiliate choice

Together we turn everyday business heroes into climate heroes.

Meeting The world's powerful Green Trend

Carbon Easy™ - Affiliate program highlights

Make $250 AUD each time a small to medium business sized becomes a Carbon Easy™ Member. This is among the highest paying 'Green' online affiliate opportunities in the world.

Peace of Mind. We've partnered with Impact, arguably the World's #1 Affiliate platform, which ensures you get the best tracking in the industry and regular clockwork payments. It's FREE to join via our link below.

High converting offer. Globally unique. Attractive, ethical, trusted and delivers real business value.

Elevate your brand relevance. Be associated with a positive brand which empowers businesses and their customers to take positive climate action.

Access high converting affiliate resources. Use the marketing artefacts we use. Videos, ad creatives and much more

Affiliate Support. You are the hero and we know it. We have many years of affiliate experience and we treat each affiliate with respect and invest time and effort to offer the best support we know how in supporting your business.

Businesses are becoming defined by their response to climate change.

Carbon Easy™ affiliates offers them a powerful and convenient solution to be Climate Smart.

The desire to act is there, and consumers and responsible businesses globally are supporting positive climate action to reach a carbon neutral future.

A Carbon Easy™ subscription delivers positive climate action by empowering businesses in a smart and meaningful way.

Carbon Offsetting Subscription


Why Climate Smart = Business Smart

3 easy steps to make money and support Climate Smart businesses

Follow the easy signup process join. We have, like many of the worlds most trusted affiliate programs  partnered wth the #1 trusted affiliate platform Impact.com assuring consistent tracking and payments to you.

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  1. Earn $200 USD per membership. Get paid like clockwork.
  2. Benefit from Business and consumer power converging around Climate change and sustainability.
  3. Offer a trusted and convenient solution for businesses to be climate smart and grow their businesses.

Make money with Carbon Easy™

Being associated with Paying.Green® elevates your own brand and grows your affiliate business.

Be recognised

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As a valued affiliate, you’ll get free access to all the tools you need to promote Carbon Easy™ and earn top commissions.

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We pay regularly without delays, so you get your earnings sooner. You can choose to get paid via Paypal or e-transfer.

Priority Support

Our email and live-chat support is available almost around the clock to ensure you can earn commissions trouble-free.

Robust Tracking

Our cookie-based affiliate tracking software allows affiliates to be credited within 30 days of the first click.

Grow your affiliate business and be on the right side of history

Why Carbon Easy™ is so powerful

Global support for responsible climate action is rapidly increasing. 

Carbon Easy™ is a global initiative helping businesses access best practice and affordable climate action and UN verified carbon offsetting through a convenient online service.

Operates under a profit for purpose model with directly associated Non-profit environmental charities.

90% of net funds raised is directly invested in responsible climate action. Independent governance structure overseas all investments.

Climate responsible businesses earn the loyalty and admiration from their customers, staff and their community which generates significant business value. Robust research continually proves they are higher valued and improve their profits.

Be the Hero. Be a Carbon Easy™ affiliate.

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