Carbon 360™

Simplifies, empowers and recognises your decarbonisation journey

Benefit from our Smarter Net Zero™ solution

In a world of costly climate services, proprietary ‘standards’ and speculative carbon traders Carbon 360™ turns the table and delivers exceptional business value with an open platform and self performance approach to Net Zero transition and access to the world’s likely most efficient non-profit carbon offsetting.

In short

Carbon 360™ empowers businesses to make a confident and credible Carbon Neutral or Net Zero commitment and be guided through the journey on our online platform.

It’s a climate commitment that counts and that earns a social license.

It’s designed to maximise business value, organisational engagement and environmental impact by guiding businesses through the globally accepted carbon accounting standard to self-perform the end-to-end process to deliver a science based and credible climate response.

Carbon 360™ offers any business a convenient and cost efficient way to decarbonise and credibly transition to Carbon Neutrality or Net Zero status.

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Our promise

Key Considerations for businesses

Readiness Insight

Carbon 360™ will help your organisation to better understand its current impact on the environment as well as gaining Carbon Neutral or Net Zero readiness insights.

Guided and resourceful decarbonisation journey

Carbon 360™ provides guidance, resources, decision trees, tips, practical examples and tools to undertake a decarbonisation journey prioritised within your organisation’s financial capacity and within a reasonable timeframe.

Cost efficient and responsible

Save money. Carbon 360™ enables an informed and responsible carbonisation normally without the cost or dependency of external consultants or immediate transition to renewables.

Stay in control

You only need to extend your involvement slightly to take full custody of the process. By having full control of the process, you can better plan your decarbonisation journey to the long-term benefit of your business.

GHG Protocol, IPCC and UNFCC trusted governance

Carbon 360™ removes the bias of commercial models and certifications. It's based on the science based GHG Protocol and the United Nations IPCC Framework which provides trusted governance, source data and integrity.

ISO compliant self assurance option

Carbon 360™ is provided on a self-regulatory basis and includes an ISO compliant self assurance option creating social license.

Open platform approach to Net Zero

How it works

Easy and efficient Steps to Your Net Zero Transition Plan

The steps below describes, at a high level, the process supporting your Net Zero journey.

Carbon 360™ merits

Easy Choice

Right Choice

Membership overview

Access to the Paying.Green Membership Portal

  • Membership certificate and Carbon Offsetting certificates.
  • Add your business to our global Climate Connect directory where customers and businesses can see your Commitment to a Carbon Neutral operation.
  • Browse Climate Scout, our repository of climate information, articles and educational content
  • Social media and communication resources to assist you.
  • Updates on the carbon offset projects that we’ve collectively supported.
  • Support with climate governance requirements

Smarter Net Zero® transition

Undertake 8 steps to develop your organisation’s Carbon Inventory Management Plan. Underline your intent by implementing your credible transition plan to decarbonise your operations step by step over the next few years. Together, we will use this plan to recognise the individual circumstances of your business and it will form the basis of your climate commitment.

Enjoy Flexibility

Your long term climate commitment should incorporate several initiatives to progressively decarbonise your operations. We don’t advocate carbon offsetting as the sole means of reducing your carbon emissions. As a  Carbon 360™ member, your business is encouraged to incorporate a degree of carbon offsetting in your ongoing decarbonisation strategy as its cost effective.

You also support developing communities across the world through the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, also reinforcing your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Access our powerful Carbon offsetting infrastructure

As a Carbon 360™ member, you will have access to our highly efficient carbon offsetting infrastructure and benefit from its wholesale pricing and tax-exempt, not-for-profit structure. We’ll offer you the most cost-effective carbon offsetting solution available.

Grow your social recognition

Your climate commitment progress will be acknowledged and celebrated across our global network through Climate Connect, ongoing communications, news updates and social media.


Non profit offsetting

Watch how offsetting works

Benefitting local communities

All of our carbon offsetting projects benefit surrounding communities. Together we help meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in developing nations.

We support

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We’d love to hear from you. Easily book a 15-30 min casual conversation below at a time that suits you. We will ask you a few basic questions about your organisation and explain the steps involved in qualifying as Carbon 360™ business member.

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How more credible?

To achieve carbon neutral or Net Zero status you need to establish GHG emissions inventory through science based climate accounting methodologies, reduce or avoid what you can as soon as you can, and then offset what you can’t through targeted carbon offsetting inititiatives on an annual basis. 

When you become a Carbon 360™ member a credible climate commitment is your starting point.  We will help you do this is a way that will add legitimacy and avoid the risk of you being accused of greenwashing or virtue signalling.

With Paying.Green® you can turn your climate commitment into a high yielding investment. Being climate smart is being business smart