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What you will learn here

  • Reducing your business' carbon footprint is easier than ever before

  • Become a climate hero and a trusted brand

  • Empower your customers at no additional cost to them

  • Contribute to initiatives with the power for actual change

At Paying.Green® we’ve made it our mission to turn everyday heroes into climate heroes.

Reduce the carbon emissions you can and then offset what you can’t with our smart and convenient online subscription called Carbon Easy™.

It’s designed to maximise carbon offsetting for caring businesses like yours.

Easy Choice

Right Choice

Businesses are becoming defined by their response to climate change. Yours will too.

The desire to act is there, and consumers and responsible businesses globally are supporting positive climate action to reach a carbon neutral future.

A Carbon Easy™ subscription delivers positive climate action by empowering your business in a smart and meaningful way.

Let us help your business be a climate hero.

Carbon Offsetting Subscription


Why Climate Smart = Business Smart

Carbon Easy™

Grow your business and be on the right side of history

1. Shows your climate commitment

Your business becomes a certified member of Paying.Green®, cementing your position as a forward-thinking, climate-smart business, and you can demonstrate this commitment through Paying.Green® branding and collateral.

It’s no secret that your customers already desire this change and they will reward you with their loyalty.

2. Maximises your carbon offsetting

We do everything to make the process as simple as possible for you. We carefully select and retire verified carbon credits through a unique not-for-profit structure and under trusted frameworks such as the United Nations Framework Convention For Climate Change (UN FCCC).

The carbon offset projects we select support surrounding communities and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. You are not only Supporting the environment but also the sustainable upliftment of these communities.

We never engage in speculative trading of carbon credits, ever.

3. Grow your business and inspire your community

Community recognition gives your business a distinct competitive advantage resulting in higher customer retention and growth, brand loyalty, a stronger identity, and as a result – improved returns.

4. Get Extra benefits

5. Be a business that protects our future

As a Carbon Easy® member you become a part of an inclusive community of businesses protecting our future.

6. Let customers see and find you

ClimateConnect™ – A public directory where you can directly showcase your climate commitment to your customers and the wider community. Let customers who care find your business. Build valuable relationships with likeminded businesses. 

What makes Carbon Easy™ different

Not-for profit business community model

More carbon offsetting per $ raised.


Carbon Easy™ membership with several benefits.

Conventional Carbon Offsetting brokers and intermediaries

Less Carbon Offsetting per $ invested.

3 easy steps to reduce your net carbon footprint

Select your business type & size

Follow the easy signup process and join as a Carbon Easy™ member. 

Join HereBecome a Carbon Easy™ member

Certificate Issued immediately

  1. Carbon offset certificate is issued in your business name. No need to have your own Carbon Registry account.
  2. Certificate issued in accordance with Our Carbon Offsetting Policy. 
  3. Specific amount of  carbon offsetting verified
Carbon Offset Certificate issued

Gain recognition and meet expectations

  1. Be seen in Climate Connect™
  2. Take advantage of  marketing and members area resources.
  3. Be part of a valued community of businesses being on the right side of history, meeting community expectations and growing your business.
Be recognised

We turn everyday heroes into
Climate Heroes.

Latest members making a difference

We make it easy and convenient for your business to be Climate Smart, be recognised and meet expectations from your customers, team members and stakeholders

5 Pillars of Carbon Easy™

Maximum Environmental Benefit

All subscriptions are pooled and we smartly apply the funds to maximise the number of quality carbon offsets we can acquire. Using our associated not-for-profit charities makes us far more efficient than the commercial carbon offsetting market.


Your business is issued with a Carbon Offsetting Certificate stating how many metric tons of carbon emissions were offset by our community with the help of your subscription.


All carbon credits we buy are immediately retired and converted to carbon offsets, meaning they can never be traded again or speculated with.


Our carbon offsetting model is overseen by an experienced Board of independent Directors at our associated no-for-profit charity, in accordance with our publicly available carbon offsetting policy.

No lock-in contract

Pay conveniently online with your business' preferred credit card. Your membership subscription can be cancelled at any time at no cost.

Watch how offsetting works

Benefitting local communities

All of our carbon offsetting projects benefit surrounding communities. Together we help meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in developing nations.

We support

Compliant with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Climate change is the defining issue of our time. Be part of the solution.



Your climate smart journey starts here

Join a global community of businesses making a change and be recognised for it.

Become a valued Carbon Easy™ member today.

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Please contact us if you wish to schedule a call OR if your business has more than 250 people.

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