Carbon 360™

A climate commitment that counts

A Paying.Green® Smarter Net Zero™ solution

Around the world businesses are intensifying their climate change responses through carbon neutrality commitments.

An estimated 25% of the worlds’ large businesses have already made a Carbon Neutrality commitment and a Net Zero pledge.

This trend is accelerating.

The Challenge

Substance of a Net Zero pledge?

Anyone can make a Carbon Neutrality statement but:

How would anyone know if it has any substance?

How do we identify action from intent?

How do we maximise community acknowledgement and grow social recognition?

The Solution

Carbon 360™ Membership

Paying.Green® operates one of the world’s most efficient carbon offsetting models. This is attractive to businesses wishing to offset their carbon emissions in a trusted way and at a high environmental efficiency while maximising their investment.

Paying.Green® only offers Carbon 360™ membership, and exclusive access to our carbon offsetting platform to businesses that commit to implementing a credible transition plan to achieve carbon neutrality.  We accept transition plans that are appropriate to your business type and verifiable by a third party. In short, to become a member, you must have genuine intent, and be transparent and serious about your climate response.

Businesses who qualify for a Carbon 360™ membership gain access to many benefits over and above carbon offsetting.

Being a member of a credible carbon offsetting community will build your brand and support public trust of your positive climate action.

Why are businesses committing to Carbon Neutrality?

Climate change is intensifying and is not going away without climate smart actions. Businesses are a valuable part of our global community and many are now committing to doing the right thing.

Climate responsible businesses earn the loyalty and admiration from their customers and their community which generates significant business value. Robust research continually proves they are higher valued and improve their profits.

By helping the environment, you are helping your community and your bottom line too.

Climate Smart = Business Smart

Carbon 360™ Membership Overview

Access to the Paying.Green Membership Portal

  • Membership certificate and Carbon Offsetting certificates.
  • Add your business to our global Climate Connect directory where customers and businesses can see your Commitment to a Carbon Neutral operation.
  • Browse Climate Scout™, our repository of climate information, articles and educational content
  • Social media and communication resources to assist you.
  • Updates on the carbon offset projects that we’ve collectively supported.

Show those around you that you mean it

Underline your intent by implementing your credible transition plan to decarbonise your operations step by step over the next few years. Together, we will use this plan to recognise the individual circumstances of your business and it will form the basis of your climate commitment.

Enjoy Flexibility

Your climate commitment should incorporate several initiatives to decarbonise your operations. We don’t promote carbon offsetting as the sole means of reducing your carbon emissions. However, to be a Paying.Green® Carbon Neutrality member, your business does need to incorporate a degree of carbon offsetting in your climate commitment.

Access our powerful Carbon offsetting infrastructure

As a Carbon Neutrality member, you will have access to our highly efficient carbon offsetting infrastructure and benefit from its wholesale pricing and tax-exempt, not-for-profit structure. We’ll offer you the most cost-effective carbon offsetting solution available.

Grow your social recognition

Your climate commitment progress will be acknowledged and celebrated across our global network through Climate Connect, ongoing communications, news updates and social media.

How more credible?

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The Ultimate Addons For Elementor

A new concept of showing content in your web page with more interactive way.Read MoreNov 09, 2017

To claim carbon neutrality you need to measure your greenhouse gas emissions through scientific climate accounting methodologies, reduce what you can as soon as you can, and then offset what you can’t through specific carbon offsetting packages on an annual basis. 

When you become a Carbon Neutrality member a credible climate commitment is your starting point.  We will help you do this is a way that will add legitimacy and avoid the risk of you being accused of greenwashing or virtue signalling.

With Paying.Green® you can turn your climate commitment into a high yielding investment.

Action trumps intent

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