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Climate Smart Payments


Your organisation is in a unique position to make an enormous difference in responsibly decarbonising our economies and by doing so gain respect, credibility and loyalty from the community, your existing and new customers all within your current cost structures.

We are going to show you how.

We are a global, non-activist, climate action organisation delivering real business value.

We are building the world’s largest customer powered carbon offsetting community which buys us the time we need to responsibly decarbonise the global economy.

Through our unique climate smart payment solution we unify and empower the people of earth to take responsible climate action at no extra cost to them.

Co-branding with Paying.Green® and using our not for profit structure allows you, the Climate Champion, to do this within your current cost structures.

The act of Paying.Green® is free to customers to ensure 100% participation and can be matched to any product.

We founded Paying.Green® on the simple but powerful idea that the strong public sentiment on climate change can be translated into positive action for the environment through a simple consumer choice: to only deal with businesses that are Climate Champions.

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Climate Smart Payment Solution

A climate response model where:

We address your customers’ climate expectations by engaging them in your climate response at no extra cost to them.

You contribute to offset a portion of your customers’ carbon footprint, normally on a cost neutral basis to you.

We make available our significantly more efficient carbon offsetting infrastructure.

You increase your brand relevance and customer lifetime value.

Be a Climate Champion and develop deep relationships with your customers, all within your current cost structures.

Our proposition

The Paying.Green® climate smart payment solution offers simple but immensely powerful value to your customers, generating immediate and real business value. Hope and empowerment are front and centre when you enable your customers to start Paying.Green®, which further elevates your already strong people and community conscious brand.

We know that climate change is front of mind for your customers. A partnership with Paying.Green® will help you meet these expectations, gain customer loyalty and support your overall customer engagement, increasing your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) while making a major contribution to the environment.

Climate Smart Payment Solution

Customer expectations

To be able to contribute to the environment without having to make difficult financial choices and tick any boxes.

To be able to trust the outcomes of the carbon offsetting investments I’ve enabled.

To maximise the environmental benefit.

That organisations I support share my concerns around climate change and have an effective climate response.

Paying.Green® was designed from the ground up to meet key customer expectations.