Climate Smart Payments


Your organisation is in a unique position to make an enormous difference in responsibly decarbonising our economies and by doing so gain respect, credibility and loyalty from the community, your existing and new customers all within your current cost structures.

We are going to show you how.

We are a global, non-activist, climate action organisation delivering real business value.

We are building the world’s largest customer powered carbon offsetting community which buys us the time we need to responsibly decarbonise the global economy.

Through our unique climate smart payment solution we unify and empower the people of earth to take responsible climate action at no extra cost to them.

Co-branding with Paying.Green® and using our not for profit structure allows you, the Climate Champion, to do this within your current cost structures.

The act of Paying.Green® is free to customers to ensure 100% participation and can be matched to any product.

We founded Paying.Green® on the simple but powerful idea that the strong public sentiment on climate change can be translated into positive action for the environment through a simple consumer choice: to only deal with businesses that are Climate Champions.

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Climate Smart Payment Solution

A climate response model where:

We address your customers’ climate expectations by engaging them in your climate response at no extra cost to them.

You contribute to offset a portion of your customers’ carbon footprint, normally on a cost neutral basis to you.

We make available our significantly more efficient carbon offsetting infrastructure.

You increase your brand relevance and customer lifetime value.

Be a Climate Champion and develop deep relationships with your customers, all within your current cost structures.

Our proposition

The Paying.Green® climate smart payment solution offers simple but immensely powerful value to your customers, generating immediate and real business value. Hope and empowerment are front and centre when you enable your customers to start Paying.Green®, which further elevates your already strong people and community conscious brand.

We know that climate change is front of mind for your customers. A partnership with Paying.Green® will help you meet these expectations, gain customer loyalty and support your overall customer engagement, increasing your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) while making a major contribution to the environment.

Together, as Climate Champions, we turn Everyday Heroes into Climate Heroes.

Compliant with the United Nations Convention on Climate Change

Climate Smart Payment Solution

Customer expectations

To be able to contribute to the environment without having to make difficult financial choices and tick any boxes.

To be able to trust the outcomes of the carbon offsetting investments I’ve enabled.

To maximise the environmental benefit.

That organisations I support share my concerns around climate change and have an effective climate response.

Paying.Green® was designed from the ground up to meet key customer expectations.

Paradigm shift in Carbon Offsetting

About 90% of your customers are already waiting to support your climate response. By capturing this consumer power, together we maximise funding, engagement and carbon offsetting.

No speculative trading and profit taking by over the counter brokers or intermediaries. This maximises volumes of carbon offsetting.

UNFCCC compliant carbon governance which delivers trusted and transparent carbon offsetting to your customers.

We’re disrupting the status quo to benefit the environment, because we care.

Benefitting local communities


The additional benefits of partnering with Paying.Green® include enhancing your role in transitioning to net-zero emission economies and potentially aligning your organisation with other globally recognised environmental initiatives like the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) for Responsible Banking, Investment and Insurance or the United Nations Global Compact.

Paying.Green®’s Carbon Credit Acquisition Policy is 100% based on the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change (UNFCCC) which includes the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

In a sea of different voices, science is our universal language.

Paying.Green® aligns organisations with the United Nation’s collective commitment to climate action via robust governance and a focus on outcomes.

A tax and cost effective not for profit charity structure maximises the investment into carbon offsetting which empowers the community to make a real difference simply by Paying.Green®.


We take your brand and our brand seriously.

Our team are brand guardians and will work with you to inspire and engage our global community through the simple act of Paying.Green®.

Our team has a personal connection with and genuine passion for seeing our planet become sustainable. We add our skills, creativity and conviction to yours to develop an authentic consumer-brand relationship which is deeply committed to the environment through brand identity and trust.

Through the act of Paying.Green®, and multiple brand touch points, together we empower all of your customers to become Climate Heroes and be agents of their own hope and optimism.


Be on the right side of history

Frequently asked questions from businesses

No, repurposing a small percentage of existing inefficient allocations to marketing, loyalty programs, etc. has the potential to return a much higher ROI as well as increased customer acquisition, higher customer retention, elevated brand value and overall improvement of  Customer Lifetime Value.

No, BUT it offers a long term potentially cost neutral solution to demonstrate your commitment to climate change.

No, BUT its mechanisms are far more efficient than acquiring carbon credits in the speculative voluntary market through intermediaries

Yes, with the Paying.Green® trademark omni present on selected cards, products  and transactions, your customers will have constant awareness of you contributions to the environment, creating deep relationships and elevating your brand to a human brand. You’re playing a role in saving the planet.

The current global average carbon footprint is around 5 metric tonnes of carbon per person.  Paying.Green® subject to availability buys verified and certified carbon offset credits directly from carbon offset project developers at wholesale pricing with no mark-ups for anything between $2.00 USD to $5.00 USD. To offset the global average carbon footprint of a person could cost anything between $10.00 USD and $25 USD per person.

To raise funds in a trusted environment and at no extra cost to you. These funds are then used to buy and retire carefully selected carbon offset credits at wholesale prices, which have also been verified to reduce carbon from the atmosphere.. It is a global initiative.

Apart from Paying.Green’s not-for-profit environmental charitable foundation based in Sweden, it is also associated with other environmental not-for-profit organisations globally.
As a result of Paying.Green’s highly efficient organisational structure and comparatively low cost of fund raising, 85-90% net of each dollar donated is effectively invested.

Paying.Green® only acquires verified carbon credits under The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. This means that the underlying carbon offset projects have already achieved a verified reduction in carbon emissions on which the individual carbon credits are based. This ensures that donations deliver environmental benefits.

This is a great question which is best answered by explaining three core elements that ensure funds are invested wisely;

·        Carbon credit acquisition governance

·        Investment competence

·        Audits

Governance: Paying.Green® has a clear and well-developed Carbon Credit Acquisition Policy which incorporates the best practice principles under the United Nations Framework Convention of Climate Change (‘UNFCCC’).

Acquisitions are managed by Senior management under Delegation of Authority from the Board of Directors. The acquisition of carbon credits is considered against the Carbon Credit Acquisition Policy .

Competence: In addition to rigid carbon credit acquisition governance, we also have experienced staff that undertake ongoing research into credible carbon offset projects across the world that supports the objectives of Paying.Green®.

Audits: In addition to mandatory reporting Paying.Green® undertakes 3rd party audits which verifies that Paying.Green® retires all credits for the benefit of the environment.

We transparently display underlying carbon emission reduction projects on our website.

Learn more here.

Learn more here.

It could be challenging for organisations to independently and effectively operate not for profit environmental charities.

It is unlikely that organisations would be focused on carbon offsetting in excess of their own carbon neutrality, and the community will therefore not have the benefit of scaled investment in carbon offsetting.

It is also not the core business focus of organisations.

Paying.Green® has a global presence and has established wholesale access to carbon offset credits that organisations would not easily have access to. Paying.Green’s sole purpose is to raise and invest funds efficiently so they may be invested in sustainable carbon reduction projects for the benefit of the environment.

Organisations associate themselves with Paying.Green® because we are non-activist and non-political. More importantly we have shared values in that we equally care for the environment. This unifies us.

Currently only 53 countries are actively involved with carbon reduction initiatives through Emissions Trading or Carbon Tax Schemes. This despite the fact that 196 countries are currently signatories to the Paris Climate Agreement (2021 to 2030).  188 Countries have gone further by ratifying this Agreement. Unfortunately we are running out of time as we can wait for countries to scale up to the challenge. Currently only 47% of the world’s population lives in countries who actively work on reducing carbon emissions.

Excess carbon emissions are currently at the highest level it has been in mankind’s history. We are losing the battle and slowly progressing towards the point of no return when Earth is no longer sustainable.

Not all countries are also equally committed to the reduction of carbon emissions, nor are they engaged in transitioning their reliance on fossil fuel to renewable energy. Governments and large emitters therefore need help in dealing with carbon emissions and reversing the impacts of climate change.

The everyday person, through the organisations they support, are in a unique position to make a difference through ‘Consumer power’ and increased community awareness. They have the power, and are ready to use it, by supporting organisations that endorse and also want to benefit from Paying.Green®. Organisations become valued community participants and enablers of positive action by getting involved with carbon offsetting.

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