Meet the Team

Mark Van Wyk - Executive Director and Co-founder. Australia

“When it comes to climate change, our actions now will define our future. Our Smarter Net Zero™ options help businesses develop climate smart value propositions that will increase their brand and customer lifetime value. Their climate actions are then both climate and business smart.

We are excited and honoured to work with our Smarter Net Zero™ business partners in safeguarding the future of our world for generations to come.” (MVW)


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From Mark's phone

Dr Patrick Hillenbrand - Executive Director and Co-founder. Australia

From Patrick's phone

‘Sustainable business models attract admiration and recognition which in turn attract talent and customers.

Helping business owners be climate smart and grow their businesses is an equation where everybody wins.

It’s a privilege to be part of this community of businesses protecting our future.’ (PH) 

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Christer Andersson - Executive Director and Co-founder. Spain

‘Business and consumer power are immensely powerful forces with an increasingly converging interest around a sustainable future.

Paying.Green® was founded to bring these forces together and to make it easy to take and support positive climate action.’ (CA)

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Dylan Lennox- Executive Director and Co-founder. Australia

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‘“Everyone wants to feel like they are making a meaningful contribution to preserving the Earth for their children – Paying.Green let’s me do that”’ (DL) 

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Grow your business and be on the right side of history

Arne Bringentoff - Executive Director and Co-founder. Sweden

” We can stop the climate crisis together and by joining Paying.Green® you will contribute to achieve carbon neutrality. Your customers will reward you for it.” (AB) 

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Marie-Louise Brunell - Executive Director and Co-founder. Sweden

From Marie-Louise's phone

“I want:

  • To mitigate climate change globally
  • To protect biodiversity
  • That our children, grandchildren and all other people will have a future on our earth.

I am proud and excited to be a part of this global organisation which helps ensure that our earth will continue to be a great place to live on.”


Åke Friberg- Executive Director and Co-founder. Sweden

“The climate crisis is not about the extinction of life on earth. It’s not even about the extinction of humanity. It’s about consequences of the global warming that we already can see and, if we do nothing, will escalate rapidly. We – humanity – are the cause of that. Only we can do something about it.  

Join Paying Green® – Together we can do something.’ (ÅF)

From Åke's phone

Håkan Brantskog- Executive Director and Co-founder. Sweden

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