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A Paying.Green® initiative

Paying.Green’s environmental charity is situated in Stockholm, the home of the Nobel Committee and many sustainability initiatives.

The charity has an important role as it constitutionally serves the public and not shareholders. This provides certainty that its carbon offsetting procurement is made free of commerciality and in accordance with its not-for-profit Carbon Offsetting Policy. This policy recognises and integrates the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the charity’s objectives.

The environmental charity is governed separately from Paying.Green’s profit-for-purpose fundraising initiatives. Its objectives also  include community advocacy initiatives either directly or indirectly in association with associated environmental charities.

Paying.Green’s charity operates under a strict charity legislation with added audit requirements. Swedish law ensures public transparency.

The Paying.Green® environmental charity is non-political and non-activist.

Addressing the climate challenge presents a golden opportunity to promote prosperity, security and a brighter future for all

Ban Ki-Moon, Former Secretary-General of UN


Paying.Green® exists because we believe that business and consumer power are increasingly converging around sustainability and in particular climate change which offers astute businesses a once in a life time opportunity to elevate their brand relevance, grow their businesses and to generate significant positive climate action. It offers the public an opportunity to find and  support businesses that are climate smart.

Our key KPI is to maximize the number of carbon offsets per dollar of funding raised to the direct benefit of the environment and our supporting businesses . No smoke and mirrors.

We achieve this through good governance, the complete avoidance of speculation and by independently working directly with certified project developers.

How we carbon offset

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