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Gangwon Wind Farm Project - Korea









More about wind

Wind turbines generate electricity using the forces of wind, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels that is required to generate electricity, and therefore reducing the amount of greenhouse gases that is released into the atmosphere.

Project photos

Project information

The Gangwon wind farm project is located in the Samyang farmland, Gangwon Province in mountainous terrain at an average elevation of 1,100 meters above sea level in the mid-eastern part of the Korean peninsula, within The Republic of Korea (South Korea). The wind farm has a nominal installed capacity of 98 MW generated through 49 Vestas wind turbines type V80-2.0MW. The wind farm supplies electricity to the public grid using an internal 9.764 km (6.746 km overhead and 3.018 km underground), 154 kV power line to the local substation of the KEPCO (Korea Electricity Power Company) in Hoenggye. Annual wind speeds at the site are in the range of 7.65 m/s at 60m above the ground.

The project supports the Republic of Korea’s objectives of cultivating, supporting and researching the development of renewable energy and reducing the dependence on fossil fuel generated electricity.

CO2 emissions reduction

An estimate of the project’s annual carbon emission reductions achieved.

Baseline emissions137,297 MT CO2-e

Project activity emissions


0  MT CO2-e0

0  MT CO2-e

Overall emissions reduction137,297 MT CO2-e

(*) Electricity generated numbers incorporate electricity obtained from the grid, delivered transmission losses and obtained transmissions losses.

Sustainable Development Goals

As a Paying.Green® member, your investment not only benefits the environment, but it also supports communities through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The project has contributed to an increase in direct local employment through skilled and unskilled labour to operate and maintain the turbines and infrastructure

The wind farm delivers pollution free and Green House Gas free electricity to Korean households

Full time employment created by the project include skilled maintenance and engineering positions

This project results in an estimated reduction in emissions of 137,297 MT CO2-e.

Project location

The Project site is located in 688-206, Kkotbadyangji-gil, Daegwallyeong-myun, Pyeongchanggun, Gangwon-do, the Republic of Korea along the Daegwallyeong ridge in the eastern part of the Korean peninsula.

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