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Nadarivatu Hydropower Project - Fiji









More about hydro

Hydroelectricity has been around for more than a century and is a reliable form of renewable energy. Hydropower plants utilise flowing water to turn a turbine which is connected to a generator that produces electricity.

Project photos

Project information

The hydropower project comprises of two vertical Pelton turbine generators sets of 22MW capacity each. The hydro scheme takes water from a 31 metre weir in the head waters of the Sigatoka River catchment at the confluence of the Qaliwana and Nukunuku Creeks, through a tunnel and penstock to a power station on the banks of the Ba River. The hydropower project has approximately 1,009,000 m3 of live storage and about 15 m3/s flow is routed through a 2km tunnel and 1.4km penstock to the power house. The project is connected to the Vuda-Wailoa 132kV transmission line and FEA grid. The estimated electricity generation from this hydroelectric power plant is approximately 101GWh and expected annual electricity generation supplied to the FEA grid is 92.957GWh.

The project activity is contributing in meeting the current and future demand for electricity in Fiji through a sustainable energy solution.

CO2 emissions reduction

Sustainable Development Goals

An estimate of the project’s average annual carbon emission reductions achieved over the last monitoring period:

Baseline emissions56,228 MT CO2-e

Project activity emissions


0  MT CO2

0 MT CO2-e

Overall emissions reduction56,228 MT CO2-e

As a Paying.Green® member, your investment not only benefits the environment, but it also supports communities through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The project contributes to direct local employment through skilled and unskilled labour to operate and maintain the hydropower plant. Improved roads also creates better access to markets for agricultural

This project generates “green power” through zero‐emission hydro technology.

This project results in an estimated reduction in emissions of 56,228 MT CO2-e.

Long term full time employment opportunities for the surrounding villages. The facility has been constructed on a 99-year land lease.

Project location

The project activity is located on Nadrau Plateau in the Nadarivatu District, in the interior of Viti Levu, the main island of Fiji. The reservoir is located on the Sigatoka River catchment (at the confluence of the Qaliwana and Nukunuku Creeks) around 130km from the Sigatoka River mouth  and power station is located on the banks of the Ba River, at Buyabuya village.

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