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San Antonio El Sitio Wind Power Project - Guatemala









More about renewable energy

Renewable energy includes resources that rely on fuel sources that restore themselves over short periods of time and do not diminish. Such fuel sources include the sun, wind, moving water, organic plant and waste material (eligible biomass), and the earth’s heat (geothermal).

Project photos

Project information

The San Antonio El Sitio Wind Power Project consists of installing sixteen 3.45 megawatt (“MW”) Vestas V112 wind turbine generators (“WTG”), for a total capacity of 55.2 MW. San Antonio El Sitio is expected to provide 135,654.59 GWh per year to the Guatemalan National Interconnected System.

The Project is in Guatemala, in Los Llanos village of the municipality of Villa Canales, in an area considered appropriate for wind energy generation. The Project is a Greenfield development, in an area where no other electricity generating plant has been previously sited.

The San Antonio El Sitio Wind Power Project will contain the basic elements of a wind farm: wind turbines, wind measuring stations, an operations building and an electrical substation. A WMP6000 control system will be used to supervise, monitor and control all relevant project components. Wind energy technologies are considered environmentally safe; there are no greenhouse gases or other emissions due to the direct operation of these projects.

Similarly, the San Antonio El Sitio Wind Project will have no greenhouse gases (“GHG”) or other harmful emissions related to its operation, and will displace carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generation derived from fossil fuelled power plants.

Around 47% of generation in the Guatemalan grid (namely, National Interconnected System, “NIS”) is provided by fossil fuels including fuel oil, diesel and coal1. Therefore, in the absence of the project activity, its electricity would be provided by the operation of grid-connected power plants (as well as by the addition of new generation sources). By providing 135,655 MWh/yr, the project is expected to annually displace 81,392 MT CO2. This will occur since the wind energy will displace generation that would otherwise be derived from carbon-intensive power plants.

The San Antonio El Sitio Wind Power Project is an initiative of the private enterprise Eólico San Antonio El Sitio, S.A.MT

CO2 emissions reduction

An estimate of the project’s annual carbon emission reductions achieved.

Baseline emissions81,392 MT CO2-e
Project activity emissions0 MT CO2-e
Overall emissions reduction81,392 MT CO2-e

Sustainable Development Goals

As a Paying.Green® member, your investment not only benefits the environment, but it also supports communities through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The San Antonio El Sitio Wind Project will have an installed capacity of 55.2 megawatts, which will increase the supply of electricity and contribute to satisfy the growing demand for electricity.

Employment opportunities will increase, especially during the construction phase, but also in the longer term during the operational phase of the wind Project. Local workers hired during the construction and the operational phase of the Project will acquire important skills, supporting sustainable development in the country.

Clean, state-of-the-art technology will be transferred from developed countries (as no local suppliers of wind turbines are available). The project also involves investment flows into the country and will demonstrate the use of replicable, clean energy technologies.

The project will generate electricity from a clean, inexpensive (i.e. zero marginal cost) source of energy as compared with thermal power plants that require expensive fossil fuels to operate.

The Project activity will be generating electricity from a clean energy source, displacing generation from carbon-intensive technologies on the grid; therefore it contributes to the mitigation of climate change.

Project location

The Project is in Guatemala, in Los Llanos village of the municipality of Villa Canales.

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