Smarter Net Zero™

Paying.Green® delivers Smarter Net Zero™ to businesses in two ways:

Carbon Neutrality Membership

Make a voluntary Climate Commitment and become a valued Member of our business community and access our Foundation’s not-for-profit carbon offsetting subscription. We recognise and support your commitment. Your community and customers will reward your efforts. Learn more below.

Climate Smart Payments

By leveraging consumer influence you engage customers in your climate response via the Act of Paying Green®. This achieves a carbon positive outcome, elevates your brand relevance, increases CLV and earns your business a social license. This is all on a cost neutral basis.

Substantially increased carbon offsetting

No speculative trading, consulting or and profit taking by over-the-counter brokers or intermediaries.

Non-profit and tax exempt

A trusted tax-exempt environmental foundation with no profit motive maximises environmental benefit.

Wholesale pricing

Thousands of United Nations carbon offset project developers worldwide.

UNFCCC compliant carbon governance

Trusted and transparent. Learn more

Paradigm shift in Carbon Offsetting

Your organisation’s climate commitment

Your organisation is encouraged to join our Smarter Net Zero™ community and access the benefits of our highly efficient not-for-profit model.

To hold true to our pledge to help the environment, we need your organisation to support this commitment by:

Estimate/measure its operational carbon footprint.

Within 6 months develop, publish and maintain your organisation’s commitment to achieving Net Zero.

Offsetting its planned carbon emissions by sponsoring Paying.Green’s associated-not-for profit environmental charity.

This will provide your organisation the benefit of utilising Paying.Green’s trademarks on your website and other approved marketing collateral. Your organisation will also be acknowledged in Paying.Green’s Climate Partner section on its website where your commitment, recognition of your support and your carbon offsetting will be visible.

We will support your climate efforts.

See how we can help you become a climate champion